Bamako, Mali (PANA) - Malian musical instrumdnt, the M'bolon, a traditional musical instrument emblematic of the Manding world, has been listed as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), PANA learned from the Malian Ministry of Culture. A percussion instrument consisting of a [...]
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Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – South African singer Nomcebo Zikode who sang vocals on the smash-hit "Jerusalema" has been honoured by the US city of Miami. She was presented with the keys to the city by officials on Monday. “I am so grateful to receive such a prestigious welcome from the [...]
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Banjul, Gambia (PANA) – The US-based Senegambian Queen, Binta T.E. Goudiaby Sarr, on Thursday urged African Presidents to display leadership in the decolonization process of African minds at home and abroad. “Our presidents and other leaders must set examples by communicating our culture, history and the spirits of our ancestors or [...]
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Paris, France (PANA) – The Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF) has announced an initiative that aims to help musicians and the African music industry in general to take up the new challenges and realities created by the Covid-19 pandemic. The project, entitled Music In Africa Live (MIAL) and covering all African [...]
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New York, US (PANA) - The iconic Bob Marley's song, One Love, is to be re-released with the blessing of the musician’s family to support children whose lives have been disrupted by COVID-19, the UN said on Thursday. The fundraising initiative comes as the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned that an [...]
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Paris, France (PANA) - UNESCO joins the African Broadcasting Union and the organization Most Beautiful African Dream Academy for Youth (MOBADAY) to celebrate Africa Day, May 25, which will be marked under the slogan 'Together united, together we are WAN'.   The event, revolving around several discussion  themes such as financial inclusion [...]
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Paris, France (PANA) - French President Emmanuel Macron praised the memory of famous Cameroonian saxophonist Manu Dibango on Wednesday as "a committed voice".   Dibango died in Paris on Tuesday at the age of 86, after contracting the Covid-19. "Manu Dibango was a voice, serious, committed, who knew how to be heard to [...]
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Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (PANA) - The launch of the 13th edition of the Anoumabo Urban Music Festival (FEMUA) took place on Thursday, March 12, 2020, in Abidjan. The event is one of the largest cultural platforms in Africa.  Organized by the Ivorian musical group, Magic System, it is scheduled to take place [...]
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Tunis, Tunisia (PANA) - The Tunisian city of Sousse is hosting the international music festival, "Women's Voices", from 11 to 18 April, a source close to the organisers said on Sunday. The applications for the festival are open to all holders of musical projects who were to deposit their works by [...]
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Bamako, Mali (PANA)  -  The Malian unsighted musician couple, Amadou and Mariam, on 18 January began in Benin a tour of eleven African countries organised by the French Institute in Mali, in collaboration with other Africa’s French Institutes, cultural sources told PANA here Tuesday. The sources said the tour would be [...]
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Praia, Cape Verde (PANA) - The Morna, a truly Cape Verdean musical genre, was on Wednesday officially included on  the list of the world' s intangible heritage, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced. The final decision on the ratification of the classification, which had already received the [...]
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Port Louis, Mauritius (PANA ) -  The Sega tambour, a  Mauritian type of music that originated from the Chagos archipelago, was on Wednesday inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding, PANA learnt from official sources in the Mauritian capital, Port Louis.   One  official of the [...]
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Cotonou, Benin (PANA) - The eighth edition of the national Beninese music and the diaspora starts on Monday across the country, organizers said on Saturday. The show, which will last two weeks, is to promote local music in the media, in order to inculcate the local music values ​​increasingly supplanted by [...]
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Tunis, Tunisia (PANA) - The Carthage Film Festival's highest award, the Golden Tanit, has been won by a Cameroon's "100% Lornoar" at the 6th Carthage Music Days, which took place in Tunis from 11-18 October.  The Silver Tanit was awarded to Aleph, a joint Tunisian-French-Belgian musical work, while the Bronze Tanit [...]
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Tunis Tunisia (PANA)  -  The 13th edition of the world music festival (Mûsîqât) will be held this year from 21-26 October at the Ennejma Ezzahea Palace in Sidi Bou Said in Tunis, seat of the Arab and Mediterranean music center. This edition will be marked by the participation of six countries [...]
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Tunis Tunisia (PANA) - The sixth edition of Carthage Music Days (JMC), starts Friday night in Tunis and will continue until 18 October 2019. The essential event of mixing independent and creative world music in Tunisia, Africa and the Arab world will be in Tunis, said the event coordinator, Fakher Hakima. The [...]
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Tunis, Tunisia (PANA) - The 34th edition of the International Festival of Symphonic Music in El Jem, Tunisia, will take place this year from 5 July to 9 August, at the Colosseum in the town of El Jem, located in the governorate of Mahdia. The festival is organized by the Association [...]
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Brazzaville, Congo (PANA) - An-African music library estimated at 55 million euros, will be set up in Brazzaville to serve as a centre for information, reading, consultation, studies and conservation, the president of the African Music Council (CAM), Prof. Lupwishi Mbuyamba, said in the Congolese capital during the presentation of [...]
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Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (PANA) - Burkinabe artist-musician Florent Belemgnegre, allias Floby, won the Kunde d'or for the second time on Friday evening, rewarded as the best Burkinabe artist of the year 2019.   In addition to Floby, two other artists were in the running for the biggest Burkinabe musical award, Mai Lingani [...]
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Tunis, Tunisia (PANA) – The 14th edition of the Jazz festival in Carthage will be held from 4 to 14 April, in Tunis with the world’s biggest Jazz stars, like the British Kokoroko, Italian Mario Biondi and Frenchman Kimberose, participating, sources close to the organizing committee said.   ''Jazz in Carthage 2019'' [...]
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Tunis, Tunisia (PANA) - The second edition of the international cultural event, 'Carnival of Tunisia for Universal Music' for Peace and Fraternity, which will crisscross several cities around the country, is due to open Thursday in Tunis, PANA learned from the event organizers. Organized by the Tunisian Agency of Communication and [...]
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Gaborone, Botswana (PANA) – Botswana’s most successful musician, Vee Mampeezy, has inked a deal with the country’s mobile operator, Orange Botswana, a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading telecommunication companies, Orange. Vee recently won the Metro FM Music Awards (MMA), the South African Broadcasting Corporation's (SABC's) biggest radio station, under [...]
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Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – Musician Trevor Rabin has been selected as the first South African musician to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The 62-year-old Johannesburg-born artist will be inducted, along with fellow members, for his work with British band Yes. Rabin's song “Owner of a [...]
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Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (PANA) - Burkina Faso's ministry of Culture and Tourism has launched a programme called "Ten video clips operation" and "Spring singles operation" in a bid to strengthen the promotion of music in the West African country. In a statement released on Tuesday in Ouagadougou, the ministry said musicians [...]
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Sibiti, Congo (PANA) – The 10th edition of the Pan-African music festival (FESPAM) will be held from 18 to 25 July in Brazzaville, Congo, under the theme, "The dynamics of African music in the diversity of cultural expressions", Congolese national radio reported on Monday. The broadcast quoted the Congolese minister of [...]
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Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire (PANA) - The ECOWAS Commission has pledged to strengthen partnership with the organizers of the Urban Music Festival (Festival des Musiques Urbaines d’Anoumba FEMUA), as a way of deepening integration of the region using culture and music. Speaking at the opening of the just-ended 8th Edition of the [...]
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Paris, France (PANA) - In order to promote new African music talents,, Orange's entertainment portal in Africa, is launching the fourth edition of the StarAfrica Sounds music contest. In a press statement, obtained by PANA, the organizers said "For this 4th edition, Marema, winner of the 2014 StarAfrica jury's [...]
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Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (PANA) - The American jazz band, Stephane Wrembel Band, begins a tour of Côte d'Ivoire on Friday at the invitation of the US Ambassador, Terence McCulley, to commemorate the 238th anniversary of the US independence. The Ambassador said the arrival of the group reflected the universality of jazz, [...]
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Lomé, Togo (PANA) – The Togolese music group, Toofan, was received triumphantly Tuesday in Lomé on its return from Durban, South Africa, where it won the MTV Music Awards in the category "Best francophone artist", official sources told PANA. "It is as if we have just won the football World Cup," [...]
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Bamako, Mali (PANA) - Malian singer Habib Koité will on Friday 2 May in Bamako release his latest album titled "Saô", which means "At home", PANA has learned from the organizing committee of the event. During the occasion, Habib Koité will perform songs from his repertoire along with guest artistes [...]
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Tunis, Tunisia (PANA) – The 12th international edition of the festival, "Nuits des Solistes", begins on Friday in Sousse with the participation of several artistes from Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Brazil, Cuba, Belgium, USA, Azerbaijan, France and Tunisia. The first evening of the cultural event, which ends on 19 April, will be [...]
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Lomé,Togo (PANA) – The seventh edition of the international music festival dubbed "Africa Rhythms" is expected to be held from 28 April to 3 May in the Togolese capital, Lomé, sources close to organizers told PANA on Wednesday. "Africa Rhythms", a large cultural and musical event in Togo, is organized by [...]
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Bamako, Mali (PANA) – Malian musician Salif Kéïta has cancelled his participation in a concert on Friday in Jerusalem, Israel, following threats from a pro-Palestinian group advocating the boycott of Israel, Malian private newspaper “Le Républicain’’ reported on Tuesday. The cancellation of his performance at the Sacred music festival, came hours [...]
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Brazzaville, Congo (PANA) - UNESCO’s Director General Irina Bokova on Saturday in Brazzaville reaffirmed her organisation's willingness to support African artists. Mrs Bokova made the vow at the opening ceremony of the 9th edition of the pan-African Music Festival (FESPAM), which was also attended by Congolese President Denis Sassou Nguesso. “UNESCO will [...]
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Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - Music star Christina Aguilera is in Rwanda for a two-day humanitarian visit during which she is billed to tour various Congolese refugee camps before launching several charity projects, PANA learnt here Thursday from official sources. On Thursday, she is billed, along with officials of the UN High [...]
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Brazzaville, Congo (PANA) – The Cuban ambassador in Congo, Mrs Alba Beatriz Solo Pimental, on Thursday said Brazzaville that Cuban artistes would participate in the 9th edition of the Pan-African music festival (FESPAM) to be held from 13 to 20 July in the Congolese capital. “We discussed the possible participation of [...]
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Moroni, Comoros (PANA) – Comorian singer and instrumentalist Mohamed Hassane Mchangama, died here Monday at the age of 81, PANA reports He was buried early in the afternoon in his home town, Ntsaouéni, 30km north Moroni. The burial ceremony was attended by his friends, relatives, fans and the leading figures from [...]
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Kinshasa, DR Congo (PANA) - Kinshasa, the DR Congo capital, "vibrated" Wednesday evening to the beat of more than 100 musicians from french-speaking African countries as leaders from the 75-nation Francophonie gather here for their biennial summit on Friday, PANA reports. Over 50,000 music lovers, most of them young people. stormed [...]
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Blantyre, Malawi (PANA) - Malawi's number one musician Lucius Banda, the self-styled 'soldier of the poor man', is out of hospital in South Africa and he is expected to return home soon, PANA reported. Banda told PANA in an exclusive interview that he is now fit as a fiddle. "I'm out of [...]
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Paris, France (PANA) - A’salfo, the Ivorian lead singer of the group, Magic System, will be named a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador by the UNESCO Director-General, Irina Bokova, at a special nomination ceremony at the Organization’s Paris Headquarters on 6 September. The ceremony will be organized in conjunction with the 2012 [...]
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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (PANA) - Promoting cultural exchanges among nations is essential to strengthening partnerships, American jazz musician Bobby Rickets said here Friday as he and his group began a four-day Annual Dar Jazz event that includes workshops for local artistes and performances. Ricketts is an American saxophonist from Boston, [...]
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Luanda, Angola (PANA) – Reggae artistes in Angola, under the Association of Reggae Music Friends (NARA), will organize an international show in Luanda, the Angolan capital, 6 February to mark the 67th birthday anniversary of the "King of Reggae music", the late Bob Marley. The Angolan News Agency (ANGOP), quoting a [...]
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Dakar, Senegal (PANA) - A Canadian musician of Cameroonian origin, Olivier Cheuwa, has launched the second edition of the project 'Soul Care', aimed at raising money to cater for young African prisoners. The project, launched in Dakar Tuesday evening, involves three artists who organize concerts and engage in humanitarian activities. "Soul Care [...]
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Dakar, Senegal (PANA) - Switzerland-based Senegalese musician Nana Cissokho has urged other musicians to do everything possible to secure their albums against piracy. Cissokho, who is touring Senegal to promote his album, said at a press conference here that artists are no longer able to live on their work because of [...]
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Luanda, Angola (PANA) - American R&B singer John Legend will perform at a fundraising gala being organised by the Angolan Red Cross on 5 November 2011. The Angolan Red Cross said in a statement that the event is being organised to raise funds for the needy. Legend will perform at the event [...]
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Paris, France (PANA) – Cape Verdian music star, Cesaria Evora, has ended her career for health reasons, her production house, Lusafrica, announced in Paris on Monday. Evora, 70, arrived in Paris several days ago in poor health. She had undergone a cardiac surgery in May 2010 in the French capital. She has [...]
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Paris, France (PANA) – Nigerian singer, Seun Kuti, will on 12 October begin a tour of France, which will open with a concert in Aucamvillen in Eastern France, official sources told PANA on Friday. According to the programme, on 26 October, he will peform in a a concert at the [...]
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Paris, France (PANA) - Nigerian musician Seun Kuti, son of music legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti, will begin a tour of France 4 August with a concert in Sete, in the southern part of the European country, PANA learnt here Friday. The tour will also take Kuti to several French cities, including [...]
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Paris, France (PANA) - Various African musicians, including Tkien Jah Fakoly of Cote d'Ivoire, and the Malian Mamani Keita, will participate in the 21st Festival de Thau, in southern France, organizers told PANA here Thursday. The reggae singer Jaqee of Uganda and Mali Tuareg band, Tinariwen, are also present at the [...]
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