General information cast :

This service is addressed to all clients desirous of being in tune with continental news.

Specific news casts :

These concern economy, technology, politics, environment, health, culture, sports, etc. These products are meant for operators intervening in specific sectors and wishing to have real-time information on the latest developments in their sector. These services are permanently updated by the editorial team.

The Agency's Photo service which has initiated its activities, will be fully operational in September 2001. It will edit the most illustrative images of the African news, on a daily basis.

Moreover, the agency's archives contain over 15 years of African news. PANAPRESS also has archives on the most memorable media events of the continent. These archives are available via the Web.

In addition, PANAPRESS also offers a personalised service based on the needs of the client (content, format, periodicity).
Finally, PANAPRESS offers several possibilities to potential users of its contents.

To Web site editors

The PANAPRESS content can be directly integrated into your site.

To press organs

The Agency's cast may be continuously supplied by e-mail, web, etc.

To businesses and other users

The Agency's stories will reach you in HTML format.

By virtue of the quality and experience of its human resources, PANAPRESS can provide services related to the development of intranet sites and internet gateways, studies and installation of firm networks, advice and training.