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Association launches campaign to promote women's right, fight GBV

Bamako, Mali (PANA) - A women's association, called "Musodev", has launched an awareness campaign for the promotion of women's rights and the fight against violence against women or gender-based violence (GBV).

The programme was launched on Sunday in Niamakoro, a neighbourhood of the IV district of Bamako.

This series of campaigns will criss-cross the six communes of Bamako.

The objective is to inform and sensitise the population of Bamako and its surroundings about GBV.

According to its initiators, the programme is part of the 16 days of activism on violence against women.

On Sunday, the campaign train travelled through certain neighbourhoods and commercial facilities in Commune VI, notably Niamakoro, the Magnambougou market and the Sogoniko bus station, the Tour de l'Afrique, to reach the Association's headquarters at Baco Djicoroni Golfe.

The posters read: "Don't wait until it's too late to act", "Break the silence with the application of zero gender-based violence", "Give life without the risk of dying" and "Women's rights are also human rights".

For the president of Musodev, Porcho Marguerite Sogoba, this caravan is the beginning of a series that will cover the 6 communes of Bamako.

She said that the expectations of her organisation through this caravan are to inform and sensitise as many people as possible about violence against women and girls so that they can also learn about their application called "zero GBV" and use it when necessary.

She recalled the objectives of her association created since 2018, including the promotion of women's rights, the protection of women and their employability.