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Women victims of insults and humiliation in Guinea during Covid-19 - Report

Conakry, Guinea (PANA) - A report published by a non-governmental organization (NGO)- Femmes, Développement et Droits Humains en Guinée - (Women, Development and Human Rights in Guinea) affirms that women are victims of insults and humiliation of all kinds in the country during the coronavirus (COVID-19)  period. 

After two months of fieldwork, the NGO says that women are exposed to insults in households during the COVID-19 period in several localities of the country, said the report sent to PANA here.

The authors of the document, presented and validated by several of the country's executives, notably members of organisations committed to the same cause, explained that insults and humiliation were the most widespread forms of violence in Guinea during this coronavirus pandemic, with beating and intimidation coming in second place.

"We had to interview at least 992 people. In general, there was an exacerbation of violence at the household level in Guinea during this period of Covid-19," the investigators said.

According to them, at the national level, the prefecture of Coyah, about 50 km from Conakry, the capital, leads the way with about 39 per cent of cases of violence, in contrast with the other communes.

The investigators, who believe that heads of households are the first actors of violence, said the result of their work would allow them to go to the communities to sensitize and equip them to know how to protect women in times of pandemics.

The surveys were conducted in Greater Conakry and the cities of N'zérékoré (South), Siguiri, Kankan (Upper Guinea), Boké (Maritime Guinea) and Labé (Middle Guinea).

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