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Second CAFL Forum to put women at heart of reforms for emergence of Mali ends

Bamako, Mali (PANA) - The work of the second edition of the Forum of the framework of dialogue and action of women leaders of Mali (CAFL) ended last Tuesday in the city of Koulikoro, some 70 km from Bamako, reports the Malian News Agency (AMAP).

This forum aimed to put women at the heart of reforms for the emergence of Mali and to formally establish dialogue between women at all levels, because they have the same role and responsibility to play in the social, cultural and economic development of the country.

It also aimed to organize advocacy sessions with political decision-makers for the registration of women on electoral lists and to organize a national forum to identify obstacles to women's participation in political life.

According to a representative of Malian civil society, Ms. Jacob Aminata Kouyaté, this forum also aimed to develop and implement programmes for the integration and settlement of women for their empowerment, to strengthen the capacities of women's organizations in conflict prevention and management, to give more visibility to the actions of women's federative platforms in conflict prevention, to set up a national and sub-regional network, among others.

During the three days, several papers were presented by the panelists on democratic elections and the gender and mediation dimension, education and health, the participation of Malian women in decision-making, and women's leadership in the political dialogue process.

At the end of the meeting, the participants formulated, among other recommendations, the elaboration of policies for the good management of law 052, the implementation of strategies for the presence of women in meetings and decision-making bodies, among others.

The forum brought together representatives of civil society, women's associations and women leaders from all regions of Mali and from several African and European countries.

According to the national president of the framework for consultation and action of women leaders in Mali, her team "is committed to supporting all forms of voluntary work and civic engagement by accompanying women and women's association networks.

This will take the form of information, training, advisory support, advocacy and funding for micro-projects for their empowerment.

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