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Libyan Prime Minister calls on Libyan women to support elections

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - The Libyan Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity Abdelhamid Al-Dbaiba Wednesday urged Libyan women to support the organization of elections on a constitutional basis, saying it is the foundation of stability and unity of Libya.

Speaking on during his participation in the celebration in Misrata (220 km east of Tripoli) of the Libyan National Women's Day, under the slogan: "I chose the challenge", Al-Dbaiba stressed that women must adhere to their legitimate right to participate with men in the labour market and empower themselves in various jobs.

"We rely on Libyan women to preserve beliefs and customs and promote the Libyan identity," the Libyan official said.

He expressed his confidence in the solidity of Libyan society in respecting the foundations of the Islamic identity regardless of attempts to infiltrate it.

Al-Daiba recalled that the woman is the safety valve of the Libyan society, assuring that she bears huge responsibilities and tasks within the family and society.

"Women must show their value in the private sector and compete with men in the field of trade and business management, as in other societies," the Libyan Prime Minister stressed.

He urged Libyan women to enter politics, participate in political decision-making and run for office, even in presidential elections.

He stressed that his government had declared a National Day for Women, saying it has established a prestigious annual award, the "Libyan Women's Prize", which will be awarded annually to distinguished women in all fields.

"We strongly support women, and we express our thanks and gratitude to all the female ministers in the national unity government," he stressed, recalling that he had supported women in their material rights, including salaries and subsidies for wives and daughters.

Mr. al-Dbaiba said: "I ask you to support the request to continue the implementation of the marriage bonus initiative and to continue to pay it to those intending to marry, which I hope will be permanent, as well as to facilitate all the steps despite the obstacles we face." 

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